The Essential Phrases for College Entrance Examination (高考常用英语短语)


As high school students in China, we are all familiar with the upcoming College Entrance Examination, commonly known as \"Gaokao.\" This crucial test determines our future, including which university we can attend and what career path we will embark upon. To help us perform well in this exam, it is essential to be equipped with some commonly used English phrases. In this article, I will introduce several key phrases that can be helpful for Gaokao preparation.

First and foremost, when describing a given situation, we can use phrases like \"In my opinion\" (在我看来), \"It is widely recognized that\" (众所周知), and \"From my perspective\" (从我的角度来看). These phrases can make our arguments stronger and demonstrate a broader understanding of the topic, which is highly valued in essay writing sections.

Moreover, when presenting reasons or providing further support, phrases such as \"For instance\" (例如), \"In addition\" (此外), and \"Furthermore\" (而且) can be employed. These connective phrases help to build a logical and cohesive structure in our writing, showcasing our ability to express ideas effectively.

When comparing and contrasting different viewpoints or aspects, phrases such as \"On the one hand\" (一方面), \"On the other hand\" (另一方面), and \"In contrast\" (相比之下) can be used. These phrases demonstrate our ability to analyze a given topic comprehensively and objectively.

Furthermore, using phrases like \"It is worth noting that\" (值得注意的是), \"In summary\" (总结来说), and \"To conclude\" (总而言之) can help us to provide a concise summary or draw a conclusion effectively. These phrases demonstrate our ability to synthesize complex information, which is highly valued in the examination.

Lastly, when expressing our opinions or suggestions, phrases like \"I strongly believe that\" (我坚信), \"In my humble opinion\" (依我之见), and \"I would like to propose\" (我想提出) can be utilized. These phrases show our ability to think critically and offer constructive ideas.

In conclusion, mastering these commonly used English phrases can significantly enhance our performance in the College Entrance Examination. They not only demonstrate our language proficiency but also our analytical and critical thinking skills. By incorporating these phrases into our writing, we will be able to express our ideas convincingly and achieve excellent results in the Gaokao. Keep practicing and best of luck to all the test-takers!


As the college entrance examination approaches, it is crucial for students to review and familiarize themselves with commonly used English phrases. These phrases not only appear in the English section of the exam, but also in the listening and writing sections. In this article, we will summarize some of the essential English phrases that frequently appear in the college entrance examination.

In the listening section, phrases such as "Could you please repeat that?" and "I'm sorry, I didn't catch that" are commonly used when you need someone to repeat what they said. These phrases show both politeness and an eagerness to understand. Additionally, when responding to questions, phrases like "I think" and "As far as I know" can help express your opinions or knowledge in a respectful manner.

In the writing section, it is important to use proper transition phrases to connect ideas. Phrases such as "On the one hand" and "On the other hand" can help structure your arguments effectively. Moreover, using phrases like "In conclusion" and "To sum up" can help you summarize your points concisely at the end of your essay.

Furthermore, the English section of the college entrance examination often includes reading comprehension questions that require understanding idiomatic expressions. Phrases like "It's a piece of cake" or "You hit the nail on the head" are frequently used in daily conversations and can be challenging for non-native English speakers. Familiarizing yourself with these idioms will greatly improve your comprehension skills.

Lastly, when engaging in group discussions or interviews, it is important to express your thoughts clearly and concisely. Phrases like "In my opinion" and "I believe" can help convey your ideas confidently. Additionally, using phrases such as "Could you elaborate on that?" or "What do you mean by…" show active participation and a desire to fully understand the topic discussed.

In conclusion, mastering these commonly used English phrases is crucial for success in the college entrance examination. By reviewing and familiarizing yourself with these phrases, you will be better prepared to handle the various sections of the exam. Practice using them in your studies and daily conversations to build confidence and improve your English proficiency. Good luck!



“PAY”可以解释为支付或付款。在当代社会,金钱在我们的生活中起着重要的作用。我们支付账单、购买商品和服务。在高考英语中,这个短语可以用来描述经济学或商业方面的问题。我们可以说:“It is important for individuals and businesses to pay their taxes on time.”(个人和企业按时缴纳税款非常重要) 这样的句子可以在高考中涉及到经济学或税收政策的问题中使用。

“PAY”还可以表示付出努力或代价。在高考的各个科目中,我们都需要付出时间和精力来学习和准备。一个常见的表达方式是:“If you want to succeed, you have to pay the price.”(如果你想成功,你必须付出代价)这种表达方式在高考作文或口语考试中,特别是描述个人成长或成功的话题时非常有用。

“PAY”还可以表示回报或报答。在社会中,我们通常会回报别人的好意。在高考英语中,我们可以用这种方式提到慈善活动或志愿者工作。例如:“It is important to pay it forward by helping those in need.”(通过帮助那些需要帮助的人,我们回馈社会是很重要的) 这样的表达方式可以在高考英语作文中,特别是关于社会责任或公益活动的话题中使用。